why thailand ?


Due to the increasing number of bicycle users, the bicycle industry is booming as well. The growth rate of the year of 2016 was 15% with a market value has exceeded USD 200 million and expected to reach 280 million in 2020. Accessories will represent 20% of that figure (Thai Cycling Association). Prospect of Thailand’s bicycle market also remain promising as it is far from being saturated.

Why Thailand ?


  • Geographical center of ASEAN
  • Biggest bicycle expo in ASEAN
  • High numbers of distributors and dealers
  • Large number of cyclists
  • Frequent cycling tournaments and events



“Great to see such increasing number of international companies for this edition in October. I encourage the Organizer to attract more international firms in order to make the show even bigger and interesting for all types of visitor. Malaysian bike market is also picking up buyers with stronger purchasing power. I’m interested in joining another event outside Bangkok if possible”

-KT Cyclone (Mr. Daniel Lim) from Malaysia-

“Good show! We will come back next edition in 2016. We would like to see more international participants to make the show more interesting. Freeda will join the show again with possible bigger space and we would require storage room”

-Freeda Global Thailand (Mr.Jason Chan) from Taiwan-


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